Between the Catwalks: Cindy Gradilla

In the midst of London Fashion Week and the buzz surrounding it, we found the perfect opportunity to catch up with one of Wilhelmina Model's rising stars, Cindy Gradilla. No interview with Models Own HQ was ever going to be boring so we wanted to give this sassy senorita a break from heels and hairdressers for a few precious minutes. So sit back and find out this top models beauty secrets, what her fave emoji is and why she had to wear a pink glittery gas mask...

Hey Cindy, thanks so much for taking the time out to talk with us. We know a model's schedule during busy periods like fashion week is super hectic. With this in mind, what's your favourite thing to do when you're not sashaying the catwalk?

My favourite thing to do is have a long and relaxing bath with some chilled music and essential oils. Before that, depending on how tired I am, I try to go to a Zumba class or for a quick run!

You must see so many gorgeous (and questionable) fashion pieces when working, is there any particular show or item that you will never forget, for any reason?

One time on a show, one of the Makeup Artists had a mask to put on our heads when she needed to use hair spray on us models. It was so funny though, because it basically looks like a gas mask but with pink glitter on it...!

Which emoji is your spirit animal and why?

My favourite emoji is the little monkey with the eyes covered with it's hands because monkeys are so cheeky and always moving around. I love this one in particular because when I get embarrassed or anything I do the same with my own hands.

It must be fun to see lots of different makeup looks on yourself! How do you keep your skin looking fresh in-between?

Normally after a job I use a strong makeup remover before going home to let my skin breathe. Once I'm at home I have a little routine; wash my face with my favourite soap, apply some moisturising cream, and then afterwards a little bit of lip balm.

Are they any models/designers/muses you aspire to? Who and Why?

Yes definitely, my favourite models and muses are Candice Swanepoel and Gisele Bundchen because they are super cool, extremely sexy and sassy. I LOVE their work.

Share with us your latest Instagram picture and tell us about it?

This is the last picture I uploaded, it was an editorial shoot for '192 magazine' in collaboration with American Eagle in Mexico where I live.

What's the most exciting thing that has happened to you whilst working as a model?

I was at the Etam show during Paris Fashion Week SS17, it was the anniversary of the brand and there I had the opportunity to meet some of the Victoria's Secret Runway models like Cindy Bruna and Maria Borges. It was an INCREDIBLE fashion show with really nice people and amazingly co-ordinated.

Do you have any makeup tips or advice that you've picked up whilst working with top Makeup Artists that you swear by?

I have so many but my favourite is contouring for your lips. You do this by using different colours of lipsticks and liners to make your lips look smaller or bigger. Lip balm is perfect for keeping lips soft too.

What's your go-to track on your playlist right now? Even if its embarrassing!

My fave track at the moment is "When I Grow Up" by The PussyCat Dolls, when I'm walking down the streets between castings I feel super sassy and energetic, like I can take over the world ;)

Do you have a favourite app you use at the moment?

Yes, I'm a Snapchat addict! I live for the cool filters, it's very amusing when you don't have anything to do during the day or waiting between castings.

Thanks so much for your time today Cindy and best of luck with fashion week season. You can follow Cindy's journey too by following her on @cindy_gradilla, we know we will be!!

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