One Night Stand Tips & Tricks

To get the best out of One Night Stand, make sure you follow these simple steps for a perfect covered mani!

Step 1: 

Prep & clean your nails, ensuring there is no excess nail polish or remover & apply an even, smooth coat of our 2 in 1 base/top coat. Make sure your nails are fully dried before applying your One Night Stand.

Step 2: 

Ensure you shake the bottle well & and that you have a decent amount of One Night Stand on your brush - not too much, not too little. apply within 2-3 strokes for full coverage, to maintain a super sleek shine. 

Step 3:

Wait for the One Night Stand mirror effect to dry and apply a thin layer of topcoat. It will go a bit milky but dries clear. Wait to dry and see your nails shine! No Salon, No UV, no worries!

There you have it - mirror chrome nails you can do at home!

Note: The One Night Stand Nail Polish has a 6 hour lasting time before the shine starts to dull down. Do not use any other base or top coast as this will affect the look and performance of the one night stand mirror effect nail polish.

We recommend using a remover containing acetone for the best results for removal, such as the Models Own Super Strength Acetone Nail Polish Remover.

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