One Night Stand Tips & Tricks

To get the best out of One Night Stand, make sure you follow these simple steps for a perfect covered mani!

Step 1: 

Prep & clean your nails, ensuring there is no excess nail polish or remover & apply an even, smooth coat of our 2 in 1 base/top coat. Make sure your nails are fully dried before applying your One Night Stand.

Step 2: 

Ensure you shake the bottle well & and that you have a decent amount of One Night Stand on your brush - not too much, not too little. apply within 2-3 strokes for full coverage, to maintain a super sleek shine. 

Step 3:

Wait for the One Night Stand mirror effect to dry and apply a thin layer of topcoat. It will go a bit milky but dries clear. Wait to dry and see your nails shine! No Salon, No UV, no worries!

There you have it - mirror chrome nails you can do at home!

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