How to use me

How to use me

Bounce the angled brush end into the cushion to apply the product. Use short-light brush strokes fill the entire eyebrow for a natural looking brow.

Pro/Fun Tip

Pro/Fun Tip

Bounce the comb into the cushion and brush the colour in, moving in the direction of eyebrow texture for that perfect brow look.


5/5 2 Reviews


Brunette Kit

I use this in the brunette colour and find that is lasts me all day! I have even played two games of netball and my brows still look great after and haven’t smudged at all!


Really like this brow kit.

I love that this product gives me the look of actual, textured hair fibres and doesn’t sit too heavy on my skin. I find the angled brush perfect for getting the high-arched shape that I prefer.