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Grand Finale Loose Powder

Velvety finish with staying power​


It's game on with this sheer loose powder. The velvet texture combines with a light finish for a look that's a total game changer.


Grand Finale Loose Powder
Grand Finale Loose Powder
Grand Finale Loose Powder
Grand Finale Loose Powder

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I really like this powders packaging, there is a mirror in the lid which makes life very easy, soft powder and not too drying!


The mirror in the lid is so useful!



Why should I use a face primer?

They give a flawless base for the rest of your make-up. They seal pores, smooth your skin and improve its appearance. They also even out your skin tones and help your make-up stay on longer. It?s all about the prep.


Where can I buy Models Own products?

We live in your phone at, but also in actual shops like Superdrug, Argos, ASOS and some savvy international retailers.


How long does delivery take?

Your little bundle should arrive within three to five business days. If that feels like a lifetime, we can also arrange special deliveries.


Which tools do I need for contouring?

We have a few brushes for contouring, and our Egg Sponges work well too. Try our Round Contour Brush, Domed Contouring Brush, Chizzle Contouring Brush, and Stipple Brush. You are the artist, with your face as the immaculate canvas


Are Models Own products tested on animals?

No, everything we sell is furry friendly. Our approach to animal testing is simple: we don?t do it. We think those little critters should be left to roam free, and that our products look better on you.

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