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Wonderplump Lip Plumper

Instant Plumped Effect


Create an enhanced pout and high gloss finish with the Models Own Wonderplump Lip Plumper. Blended with a hint of Capsicum for an instant plumping effect. Don't be alarmed by the tingling sensation you feel after application - this is how you know the product is working!


Wonderplump Lip Plumper
Wonderplump Lip Plumper

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    Wonderplump Lip Plumper
    Wonderplump Lip Plumper

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Where can I buy Models Own?
We live in your phone at, but also in actual shops like Superdrug, Argos, ASOS and some savvy international retailers.


How long does delivery take?
Your little bundle should arrive within three to five business days. If that feels like a lifetime, we can also arrange special deliveries.


Why do I need to wear a lip liner?
It can be tricky to get a nice neat edge with just your lipstick of gloss. A lip liner creates a fuller, more defined look. It also makes your lippy last longer so you won?t need to leave the dancefloor all night to reapply!


How do I create a Wish List?
Click on whatever?s caught your eye and add it to your basket or Wish List. And remember, these are wishes, so there are no limits. 


Do you have any tutorial videos?
Of course, we love experimenting at Models Own! Head to our Masterclass page for lots of handy tips and inspiration for new looks. Have fun!

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