Get the glowdown on strobing!

Get the glowdown on strobing!

Want to get in on beauty’s biggest trend? Then get clued up on strobing – and fast. The hottest word on the beauty pro’s lips, this is the perfect summer look that’ll have you glowing above and beyond.

Strobing tip 1

It’s simple: it’s all about using illuminating cream or powder highlights to lift the face and get that pretty perfect glow am or pm.

Strobing tip 2

By ditching your darker contour shades and using only highlights, you’ll get a bright and beautiful look that’ll save you the hassle of blending a darker contour. Win-win.

Strobing tip 3

Find your high points. We’re talking cheekbones, bridge of your nose, bow of your lip and brow bone. Blend your highlighter into these areas for a natural look that’ll rival Team Kardashian.

Strobing tip 4

For pale skin tones, go for a cool silvery shade; for mid skin tones go for a warmer lighter shade; and for darker skin tones go for a shimmering warm golden tone. Either way, prepare to shine above the rest.

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Stick

This creamy non-greasy stick is easy breezy to use: swipe our Egg Blending Sponge across the surface of the stick until you’ve gathered enough product. With a gentle tapping motion, apply the shimmering highlighter to the areas you want to highlight. Gently pressing the soft cream into the skin leaves you with an evenly-blended glowing finish.

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Powder

Use our Rounded Foundation Brush and soft finish highlighter powder to accentuate your best bits. To strobe with this highlighter powder, run the brush over the powder covering both sides and tap off any excess. Then glide the brush over your highlight areas, blending softly. Cheekbones will be left looking all sweetness and light.

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Palette

This three piece Sculpt and Glow palette has strobing covered; it includes a creamy highlight and two powder formulas. For a dewy look on the cheekbones, go for the cream, or if you’re going out OUT, go for a long-wearing powdered highlight. Powder colours can be mixed with our soft Pointed Powder Brush to accentuate a tan, or used alone for the ultimate strobing effect.

Sculpt & Glow Liquid Highlighter

Strobing isn’t just about face time. This liquid highlighter glides onto the skin and is light enough to use on the body too, leaving you glowing top-to-toe. Use our Egg Blending Sponge to gently press the lightweight liquid onto the highlight areas of your face before applying to shoulders and décolletage to give the skin a perfect finish. Glow on, give strobing a go!