Who we’re double tapping - Sam Ushiro

Who we’re double tapping - Sam Ushiro

Sam Ushiro


Maybe it’s the teasing summer sun, maybe it’s been too long since Easter, but we’ve been in need of a collective sugar rush this week, and @aww.sam is it.

Her account has all the subtlety of a life-sized emoji giving you a power hug, but we love Sam Ushiro and her powerful primary colours and pastel shades. They’re like a pina colada for the soul, or an intravenous injection of Haribo.

Along with her ‘gramming, New Yorker Sam is also an industrial designer and stylist, which means she gets to play with props and colours all day long. Her creations are a daily serving of high-colour inspo and rapidly have us reaching for our new Soft Pop HyperGel nail polish collection.

She is also a doughnut obsessive, and few things make us happier than doughnuts. (Which is a good reminder to re-stock the MO HQ snack cupboard. Is anyone else peckish?)

But perhaps the main reason we’ve fallen for Sam’s rainbow charms is that she’s so darn happy about everything, and in such a genuinely charming way, that we get the feeling she’d be able to cheer up pretty much anyone. Or at the very least bake them some excellent doughnuts.