Who we’re double tapping - Madeleine Becker and Kay Kay Blaiddell

Who we’re double tapping - Madeleine Becker and Kay Kay Blaiddell

Madeleine Becker and Kay Kay Blaiddell


We’ve come over all whimsical at Models Own this week, and it’s at least partly to do with the scribbling and snapping of writer / photographer / fairy muses Madeleine Becker and Kay Kay Blaiddell. Together they are Sugar & Spice, and while the name might suggest all things kitsch and girly, they’ve got more artsy intent. Kay Kay is the (currently) blonde one, Madeline the brunette, and the two have been bezzies for years and we find ourselves gazing in wonder at their perfectly matched eyeshadows (and reaching for our Vintage Rose Eyeshadow Palette too).

We love the account for its serene peek into their lives (like, do you work, girls?) and their dedication to sharing their favourite music, books and philosophical musings on boys, life and not growing up.

There is always room, though, for a little bit of braid love, particularly when such a girly twirl is offset with a lustily sultry smokey eyeshadow.

And for dancing around New York building sites in (hopefully faux) fur coats.

And, on a more superficial level, we’re firm admirers of their heroic dedication to high-waisted denim and crop tops, perfectly matched with rosy accents on the cheeks and eyes.

These girls are our muses for all seasons.